Advanced Slipcover Workshop

5Day Class
Prerequisite: SL101-201 or instructor recommendation

Beginning with a self-assessment of slipcover challenges, further develop skills as a professional slipcover fabricator. Learn efficient methods for creating several styles of slipcover skirts including waterfall skirts, floor-length banded tailored skirts, and skirts with faux welt. Document step-by-step procedures for zipper insertion and other challenging tasks. In addition to pin-fitting the most complicated slipcover projects, students learn to pattern the inside curve of a barrel-back chair, plan for openings for easy sofa-bed function, practice using difficult fabrics such as plaids and stripes, and learn to create a tidy tuck-in for chair decking that is not covered by a separate cushion. Particular emphasis is placed on streamlining techniques for efficient and profitable slipcover fabrication. Students may bring their own challenging projects or practice on furniture. The second portion of the class will be dedicated to cushions. Students are challenged to improve their skill and efficiency while making a variety of indoor and outdoor cushions. The instructor will share professional step-by-step methods for the construction of box cushions, waterfall cushions, Turkish corner pillows and single welt cushions, while sharing time-saving tips critical to workroom profitability. Students practice making each style using industrial walking foot machines. Topics include pattern matching, pattern placement, as well as sources for welt cord, thread, zippers, and inserts. With instructor permission, students may bring their own challenging cushion projects to work on during the class.

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