Does the thread keep breaking on your industrial sewing machine? Try this tip

One of our CHF Network forum members was asking why her thread keeps breaking every few inches on her industrial machine.

To solve this problem there is an often overlooked solution that involves the feed dog plate.

Remove the feed dog plate from the sewing machine and place it on a flat surface. A good feed dog plate (pictured above) should lay perfectly flat. The surface of the plate should be smooth and free from nicks and rough spots. If you find any rough areas especially in and around the needle hole, sanding the surface with an ultra fine sanding cloth called crocus cloth may fix the problem.

A damaged plate will look more like the photo on the left. As you can see the center section of the plate has pushed through to the bottom and the plate rocks back and forth on a flat surface. When a plate looks like this one, it’s time to replace it and the breaking thread problem should be resolved.

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