To be able to join decades of industry knowledge through classes at the CHF Academy is invaluable. You not only learn greater skills, but will improve your efficiency and subsuquently profit from your workroom. The class manual are worth the financial investment alone, priceless! Thank you to all at the CHF Academy.

-Cameron Dalton
York, England

I have been to CHFA three times now and taken three online courses. I have been extremely satisfied with everything and I can’t wait to come back. See you all in about 6 months or sooner. Thanks to all the instructors, they are so friendly and helpful. It’s like family!

-Pat Johnson
“Thank you CHFA! I thoroughly enjoyed my week here and look forward to taking another class. This is a unique experience where I have learned skills that I will build upon in years to come in my design business. This week was the launch of a new career path so the guidance and knowlede I have gained will push me forward with confidence. Thanks for a great week and a new set of skills!!!”

-M. Dalton

“I’ve never experienced a better, more dedicated group of people than the staff at CHF. You really love what you do and take great care of each other, and each student. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from such an experienced, knowledgeable and loving group.I look forward to attending more classes in the next year!”

-Joy Mayor

“I came to CHF as the person not knowing anything about window treatments. The knowledge I learned was amazing in just two weeks, not only was the instruction excelent, but what was better was all the students worked together in helping each other. I recommend CHF to anyone wanting to go into Window Treatments. I look forward to my next class!”

-Frank Almendarez

 WT 100, 101 & 201

“I cannot even begin to tell you how fantastic my experience was…  There is a saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”  Sorry but that statement needs to be stricken from the books.  I have been sewing and fabricating since I was a kid in high school.  Needless to say at my age, that was way many years ago!  I just others who think they have already learned everything there is to know, need to take the time to take advantage of the academy and it’s education, and experienced, updated instructors.  I will be every grateful to Susan (Schurz) and Donna (Skufis) for the rest of my life!!! They are to be commended for their ability.  I had the advantage of taking the entire 104 course with Susan and Donna was wonderful to allow me to come in on the end of her course just to learn hobbled and other delightful roman shades.”

-Jacque Hranica

 WT 103 and WT 104

“I absolutely love it! It is very straightforward and extremely detail-oriented. I love how you show different options for fabricating components of the same treatment. It makes it very clear that you can still get the same result if you do not have all of the fancy equipment. It is a fabulous site and I am anxiously awaiting the next class!”

-Jill Ragan Scully

 Home Study WT100 and WT101

Instructor was the best because she was organized, knowledgeable and clear in her directions.

-Deborah Schell

 Upholstery 102

This course exceeded my expectations

-Nancy Letts


Thank you so much! My experience at the school was so much more than anything I ever could have imagined. You all have gone above and beyond all my expectations. I’m trying to get myself set up to start sewing and my license and tax id now. I have 12 window treatments to do!!

-Linda G. Whitaker

 Window Coverings Career Professional


-Dawn Miller-Heaven

 Window Treatments 101

Had a wonderful time, look forward to my next class

-Judith Ellis


Loved it as usual!

-J Vogel

 Headboards and Ottomans

Thanks a lot! I wish I had heard about the school a long time ago. Great!

-Donna Davis