SL301-Advanced Slipcover Workshop

4 Day Program

Prerequisite: SL101-201 or instructor recommendation
Beginning with a self-assessment of slipcover challenges, further develop skills as a professional slipcover fabricator. Learn efficient methods for creating several styles of slipcover skirts including waterfall skirts, floor-length banded tailored skirts, and skirts with faux welt. Document step-by-step procedures for zipper insertion and other challenging tasks. In addition to pin-fitting the most complicated slipcover projects, students learn to pattern the inside curve of a barrel-back chair, plan for openings for easy sofa-bed function,practice using difficult fabrics such as plaids and stripes, and learn to create a tidy tuck-in for chair decking that is not covered by a separate cushion. Particular emphasis is placed on streamlining techniques for efficient and profitable slipcover fabrication. Students may bring their own challenging projects or practice on furniture at the school.

Day 1 (8:30-5:00)
Evaluate individual slipcover challenges (crotch areas, zippers, tuck-in, etc)
Complete Parsons Chair slipcover with waterfall skirt
Create faux welt skirt samples

Day 2 (8:30-5:00)
Choose challenging fabric design (plaid or large floral with contrast)
Prepare welt
Pin-fit chair
Pattern tailored skirt panels with banding

Day 3 (8:30-5:00)
Discussion: Profitable Slipcovers (includes Break-even analysis)
Challenge Stations

Day 4 (8:30-3:00)
Document step-by-step for zipper insertion
Continue Challenge Stations

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